Tapestry - The Palm grove
Tapestry - The Palm grove
Tapestry - The Palm grove

Tapestry - The Palm grove


" The Palm grove" is the celebration of a land and the contrast between aridity and fertility.

The warm terracotta evokes the sun's fires that relentlessy strike men and nature. Like a promise, the palms covers offer a respite to nomads in the shade of the leaves.

Made in France

Limited series of 40






"The Palm grove" is a classic of travel illustration warmed by the terracotta color in XXL format.

Product Details

H172 cm x L81 cm
Number of pieces
numérotés de 1 à 40
330g / m²
French Linen
Beech wood issue from european forests FSC label
Washing machine 30° without spin cycle. No dry. Dry cleaning possible. Ironing 110° max.

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