Tapestry - The Lion
Tapestry - The Lion
Tapestry - The Lion

Tapestry - The Lion


"The Lion" is so pretty in a living room or in a child room. His expression captures the light and hypnotizes. His mane undulates under the delicate lines of the engraving. It is part of the tradition of animal illustrations. Its intense and luminous English green twists the imagery of the classical bestiary.

Made in France.

Limited edition of 55 pieces.







"The lion" gives a wild touch and boosts the interiors too much wise.

Product Details

H98 cm x L81 cm
Number of pieces
1 to 55
330g / m²
French Linen
Beech wood issue from european forests FSC label
Washing machine 30° without spin cycle. No dry. Dry cleaning possible. Ironing 110° max.

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