Cadre Plumes : Geometry Mousse
Cadre Plumes : Geometry Mousse

Cadre Plumes : Geometry Mousse

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Geometry Mousse, the meeting of the purity of the graphic lines with the lightness of the feathers.

Les Maturins and Atelier germain unite their know-how, to imagine a colorful collaboration based on feather frames.

The background are painted with The Terre Lointaine paint collection created by Atelier Germain.

This collection made in France and already used for the creation of tropical Herbs, inspired Les maturins to develop a unique collaboration like interior laboratory that is Atelier Germain.


Natural feathers : Ring-necked pheasant, Mallard, Guinea fowl of Numidia.

All our feathers are selected in accordance with Washington Convention.

Mousse colored background with Lichen stripes, Terre Lointaine collection by Atelier Germain.

French bio-based, paint velvet finish Atelier Germain.

Black frame made in France

H40 cm x L30 cm

Each piece is unique, handmade by Les Maturins.

The designs are not rep

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