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Maturins reinterprets the tapestry by imagining quality hangings. To give them life, the experience and the French know-how have been favored. Each tapestry has been designed like a decor. Nomadics, they decorate your walls in one go.

Because every inside is unique, collections are realized in limited edition and numbered. All the series are proposed between 10 and 60 copies.

Maturins believes in a design made to last, smart and timeless. While watching the respect for every stage the models are developed: selection and creation of the imaging, the study of colors, transfer of the pictures on paper before definitive impression, preparation and finally assembly.

A tapestry it’s warm of fabric, the strenght of the wood and the lightness of a rope:

  • - Fabrics are woven, printed and shaped in France.
  • - The reinforcement is in beech, a wood from European forests that benefits from the FSC label, an independent certification system ensuring that the forests are managed sustainably and responsibly. The rods are fully coloured by hand in our workshops.
  • - Ropes are made of natural linen grown and twisted in France.

Soon our new collections, always in limited series, always in formats adapted to your spaces and always made in France, so that our stories tell your story….

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