The feather frames are handmade in our workshop in the Paris region: drawing, painting, plumasserie… Each piece is unique and echoes the poetic and quirky world of plumasserie. We are inspired by the movement, color, reflection and texture of the feather to create our collections influenced by nature, art or fashion….

All our feathers are selected in accordance with the Washington Convention before being cleaned and trimmed by us. Once this step is completed, the feathers are cut, glued and mounted on a drawing that will give life to imaginary birds, distant landscapes and other curiosities ...
We put our know-how at your service to create ever more unique pieces in their dimensions, colors and subject.

Sur commande grand format

Decorative frame, made of feathers and paint, unique handmade piece The feathers from farmed birds are collected during their moulting, in compliance with Washington convention.            
Les Maturins

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