We make wall hangings in limited editions, all numbered between 40 and 55 copies made in France.
The work of creation, imagery, colorimetry…. is entirely thought out by us in our workshop in the Paris region.
The fabric, labeled France Terre Textile, is then shaped by our partner workshop in the Rhône-Alpes region. Because your interior is unique, we strive to create quality pieces in small copies to enhance your walls.

Tapestry : Eden

Look into our new wall hangings " The Medina" is to plunge into deep blue night. It is not the sky that is coloured, but the silhouettes of these men who stroll south in this alleys.  The landscape is tinted with a bright and vibrant blue that contrasts with the raw material of the fabric. " The Medina" is an interpretation of Orientalist engraving. The...

Tapestry - The Dromedaries

"The Dromedaries" is the delicacy of the line, the authenticity of the engraving. It’s mainly a travel whose we don’t know the end. We vibrate to the rhythm of this crazy race, we can see the warm desert blast hitting the warriors' faces, the camel hooves lifting the sand. With its XXL format and the scene that seems engraved in the fabric, this tapestry...

Tapestry - Women

The Maturins are inspired by masters of cubism to sublimate women in a new tapestry, "Women". The fragmented and unstructured character of bodies is accentuated by chromatic puzzle. Women reveal themselves in natural, showing their shapes on the raw fabric in contrast with radiant and warm colors. Made in France Limited edition of 40 pieces          

Tapestry - Woman

Original creation Les Maturins, this hanging is a tribute to femininity. "The woman" is represented from a multitude of points of view and liberated from all standards: free, assumed, generous, independent…"La Femme" is an electrifying blue and is enveloped in dull colors. Timeless and sober shades that create a subdued atmosphere. Made in France...

Tapestry - The Japan

"Japan" is a striking contrast between the mysterious atmosphere of a cold winter night and brightly colored foxes. The grain of the fabric and the gradients give to this tapestry an impression of light/dark." Japan" is a window on a dreamlike world where darkness and light play duality. Made in France. Limited edition of 55 pieces.      

Tapestry - The Street

In this street that stretches to infinity, the shops let filter the light, and invite people to enter. The warm colors suggest a dusk on a summer evening... This tapestry offers a resolutely modern and graphic perspective. The first plane plunges us into the tumult of this artery, where faces and bodies are lost in immensity. The second plan invites us to...

Tapestry - The Bridge

"The Bridge", the poetry of the Japanese print on a raw fabric in XXL format. The shades of colors reveal the ephemeral beauty of a firework. The perfect mastery of contrasts, night effects and light, create an elegant and original atmosphere. Made in France. Limited edition of 55 pieces.        

Tapestry - The Lion

"The Lion" is so pretty in a living room or in a child room. His expression captures the light and hypnotizes. His mane undulates under the delicate lines of the engraving. It is part of the tradition of animal illustrations. Its intense and luminous English green twists the imagery of the classical bestiary. Made in France. Limited edition of 55...

Tapestry - The Monkeys

"The monkeys" in the bestiary series, tapestry declined in our favourite green. The omnipresence of color gives depth and wild intensity to this scene. A portrait that is offbeat and could shade your traditional familiy photos ! Made in France Limited series of 40      

Tapestry - The Palm grove

" The Palm grove" is the celebration of a land and the contrast between aridity and fertility. The warm terracotta evokes the sun's fires that relentlessy strike men and nature. Like a promise, the palms covers offer a respite to nomads in the shade of the leaves. Made in France Limited series of 40        

Tapestry - Pines

"The Pines", evocation of the travel engraving will remind you of the long hours lie down in the sun, the noise of the cicadas, the games of shadows that are drawn under these majestic trees. With its perfect dimensuions, it shades deep green, discreet and subtle, The Pines find their place on your walls. Hung above his bed, the pretty console or why not...
Les Maturins

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